Paros • Antiparos

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we create memories

All of us at SFOUX yachting have been close to the sea since we began to speak.

“Thalassa”, was probably one of the first words we uttered. “Thalassa” – “the sea”- a word as old as Homer. The Greeks crossed the “thalassa” of the Aegean to get to Troy, and Ulysses wandered in the Mediterranean “thalassa” before finally getting back to Ithaka and reclaim his Kingdom.

`We create such vivid experiences that will turn into precious, unforgettable memories.

We employ top class boats that offer a safe and spectacular voyage.

Yachting for us is not getting from one beautiful island to another, from a breath-taking sand beach to another, it is rather a way of life. Giving meaning to how we experience life.

The centuries old rich history of these islands, the exquisite culinary traditions that have created the well-known Mediterranean diet, the virgin beaches & hidden coves, home to protected species like the seal “Monachus-Monachus”, and last but not least the amazing culture of the islanders, true to the ancient spirit of “Philoxenia” (“welcoming of the stranger”) will make you feel that the Cyclades have always been your home, a “paradiso terrestre”, “an earthly paradise”, to use the words of the Italian poet Dante.

“Yassou! Kalos irthes sto nissi mas!”

“Hi! Welcome to our island”

...words that you will hear again and again, words that will be stamped in your heart forever